Alaska - A Chance for Education and Vacation

Published on: 16:48PM Jun 21, 2016

~~Roger McEowen and myself did a two-day seminar last week in Western North Carolina and this was my first trip to this part of the country.  My wife and I then drove over to Nashville and went through the Smokey Mountains.  This is a very beautiful part of the country.  When we were headed into Chattanooga to spend the night, traffic came to a stop and I thought there was an accident since we saw all of these police cars on both sides of the road.  However, as we got closer and talked to the police in line, it was my first sobriety checkpoint.  There were several people pulled over for failing the checkpoint (but I got through with flying colors).

In Nashville, I spoke at the Collaborative Farming Conference last Tuesday and Wednesday.  I had blogged on that last week.

For those still interested in some good farm tax and estate planning education opportunities, Roger and I will be doing a two day seminar in Anchorage, Alaska at the end of July.  The first day will deal with issues related to farm income tax planning.  Day 2 will review the planning options related to succession, estate and entity planning.  Since the seminar will be in Alaska, this provides a good option to combine education and a vacation.  I have personally done a cruise to Alaska and have fished in the state many times with my father before he passed away (he would have been 104 this year).

If you are interested in attending, here is a link to sign up for the course and related details.