IRS Removes Farm Income Averaging Guidance on QBI

Published on: 21:18PM May 20, 2019

We did a blog post back on April 23, 2019 regarding a need for clarity on qualified business income (QBI) and farm income averaging.  The original one sentence guidance posted to their website indicated that a farmer could only report farm QBI based upon the amount of income elected for farm income averaging.

In our post, we indicated that this made no sense since farm income averaging is simply a method of calculating income tax and in many cases a farmer would want to elect no farm income (since prior years income is higher would be one example).

We have gotten new guidance that this original guidance was incorrect and has been removed from the IRS website.  Corrected information should be posted this week.  Once we get that information, we will provide a post on it.

Now if we can only get the proposed regulations on Section 199A and cooperatives.