Only One Minnesota County to Get Soybean ARC Payment

Published on: 12:49PM May 17, 2017

In my previous post, I estimated that only two Iowa counties would get 2016 soybean ARC payments (to be paid this October).  This is due to the higher yields in that state.

In Minnesota, it now appears that only one county may get a 2016 soybean ARC payment.  We are estimating that Kittson County might get a $12.17 payment based on NASS yields.  All of the other counties reporting NASS yields indicate no payments.  It is likely that more counties will result in payments since many of the upper state counties did not have NASS yields.

As a comparison, for the 2014 crop, 57 counties had soybean ARC payments.  For the 2015 crop, 34 counties received soybean ARC payments.

For Illinois, in 2014 only 7 counties received soybean ARC payments.  For the 2015 crop year, this jumped to 90 counties receiving payments and for the 2016 crop year, I am projecting that 5 counties will receive soybean ARC payments as follows:

•Alexander $48.67

•DeWitt $10.18

•Gallatin $.97

•Pope $48.67

•Pulaski $18.75

I will continue to provide this information on additional states in later blog posts.