Poll Data Favorable to Farmers

Published on: 11:55AM Sep 13, 2016

~~At some recent seminars, a presenter discussed some recent poll data that shows a different perspective the public has about farmers than what is normally seen and I wanted to pass along some of the information.  I don’t have all the information on where the poll data comes from or how it was conducted, but here were the results:
•Farmers have high and bipartisan favorability rankings.  86 percent of the respondents had a favorable view of farmers, whether republican, democrat or independent.
•More than 90 percent of voters say it is very or somewhat important to provide federal funding to farmers.
•79% of people supported discounted crop insurance for farmers.
•Voters agreed that a strong farming industry is critical to national security at 81%.
•54% of the voters feel farmers and taxpayers are better served by insurance delivered by the private sector rather than the federal government.

Based on this information, it appears that there is a large part of the population that is favorable to farmers and farming, which contradicts some things in the media lately. Hopefully this is good news for farmers moving forward, especially with election season looming.