USDA Extends Dairy Margin Protection Program Deadline

Published on: 13:04PM Sep 23, 2015

The USDA announced yesterday that the deadline to sign up for the dairy margin protection program has been extended to November 20 from the current September 30 deadline.  They indicated that with fall harvest, this is a hectic time of year for many dairy farmers and wanted to give them additional time to get enrolled.

So far, the only dairy producers that have received a payment during 2015 are those producers that elected coverage at the $8 level.  There was an extremely small payment in the Jan/Feb period and the May/Jun period and almost 50 cents per cwt in the Mar/Apr period.

If a producer elects the lowest coverage level of $4, there is no premium owed other than a $100 administrative fee.  The maximum coverage level is $8.  The coverage level elected will apply for calendar year 2016.