Where's Waldo (Paul)?

Published on: 14:54PM May 14, 2015

My children used to like to take a look at the books featuring "Where's Waldo?".  My four boys would race to see who could find him first (they usually beat mom and dad to it too).  Once I started doing more traveling, many of my staff will now ask "Where's Waldo/Paul?".  So this post will fill you in on where Waldo/Paul will be over the next couple of months when it comes to speaking engagements, etc.:

This gets me through the end of July and I think the most days I am away from my wife is less than 10 which is a noticeable improvement over the 23 day trip last fall.  If there are any of these seminars that are of interest to you, I have provided the links for signing up for the conference or seminar and I look forward to meeting all of our readers that may attend any of these events.

I will provide my August and September schedule a little later when I have a better feel for what Waldo/Paul is doing.

Paul Neiffer, CPA