Where's Waldo (Paul) - Part Deux

Published on: 13:19PM Mar 05, 2018

I have been a CPA for over 30 years now (time flies) and I must admit that the recent passage of the Section 199A cooperative deduction has been the most interesting (if that is the right word) new tax law ever passed during those 30 plus years.

I now have the privilege of speaking on this subject at the National Grain and Feed Association annual meeting in Phoenix a week from Sunday.  I will spend two hours filling members in on the history of what led up the new law, the current law and hopefully by then the actual proposed fix.  The fix should be made law as part of the CR that will be passed on March 23 (assuming Congress cooperates).  If it takes less than two full hours to review this subject, I will then spend the rest of the time filling in the attendees on the rest of the new tax law.

After I get done in Phoenix, I then fly to Minnesota (brrr) to do three sessions on the new tax law (all in one day) for various farmers sponsored by a bank.

Most of my speaking engagements occur either in the Pacific Northwest or most of the Midwest states.  However, this year, I will be part of a two day farm income and estate tax session on June 7 and 8 that will be held in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.  The session is sponsored by Washburn University and this will give our readers on the East Coast a chance to get caught up on the latest farm tax law changes, etc.  Here is a link to sign up for the course.