Will You Be Able to Deduct Retirement Plan Contributions?

Published on: 19:42PM Sep 06, 2017

Due to the border adjustment tax proposal getting no traction, Congress is looking at additional revenue raisers.  An option getting a lot of air time right now is only allowing "Roth" type retirement plans.  Currently, a business can set up a profit sharing plan with a 401k component.  This allows both the employer and the employee to a current deduction.  The earnings inside of the retirement plan are tax-free and only when the employee finally retires and starts taking distributions do they finally start to pay income tax.

Under the budget scoring rules, this costs the government about $500 billion over 10 years.  If instead, they no longer allow the employee to deduct the 401k contributions and put restrictions on how much the employer can deduct, they can take those savings and use it to reduce corporate tax rate and flow-through tax rates.

Although the employee does not get a deduction, the distributions from this type of plan will be tax-free.  Many of our farmers set up these 401k plans especially nearing retirement in conjunction with a cash balance plan.  If these changes are put into law, most of this planning opportunity will disappear.  We will keep you posted.