Coming Attractions

Published on: 16:28PM Jan 04, 2016

This week, instead of reading feedback from a viewer, I thought it might be useful to use this first customer support of the year to get you all really excited about the upcoming topics I’ll be tackling with Ags planers. After all it worked great for “Star Wars”.
We’ve covered a lot of ground this year, but I’m itching to dazzle viewers with electrifying explanations of the exciting adventures facing us in 2016. Like…geography! I know you have asked yourself almost every week, “if only Phipps would talk more about latitude and longitude and state capitals!” well, we’ll be learning why Africa is proving more challenging to farm, why China will soon have 200 cities over a million, and why nobody in the U-S recognizes the flag of the second most populous country.
There will be blow-by-blow coverage of economic issues like inflation: who is winning the raging measurement debate between personal consumption expenditures and the consumer price index, and why nobody agrees with either answer.
There will be fun episodes showing why middle-age non-Hispanic whites in America are dying more rapidly and from surprising causes than other folks, how obesity affects food choices and prices and more that will have you reaching for your medications.
We’ll talk government of course. Once the candidate list gets to single digits we’ll try to figure out what election 2016 means for ag. We’ll dig into the farm bill, and look at the regulations we actually love and those we hate…including the totally no-good awful WOTUS rule and what happens if ag wins. Spoiler alert: this has a surprise ending.
There will be lots of sciencey stuff from the new media trends that are changing everything, to artificial intelligence and robots, current brain research, climate change updates, and the blockbuster new developments in genetic engineering that will make this hot button issue even harder to grasp. Best of all, unless absolutely forced to, I will not talk about drones at all.
And those are just the topics I can think of in the ten minutes I spent writing this. Send me your questions and we’ll get to the bottom of the top challenges facing farming in 2016.