Electric Grain Gate

Published on: 16:10PM Sep 11, 2017

A few weeks ago, I talked about how our brains can struggle when we are in scarcity mode, something I thought might help people improve their decision making during harvest. But for some of you, there was a different message.

There was this email from Cherri Klinginsmith:

"Is that an electric opener on your straight truck? Where did you find that?"

And an even better one from Larry Bowhay:

"On Aug. 27 you were on your farm standing behind two tandems. It looked like you have hydraulic assist cylinders on your end gates of those trucks. My mom is 84 and wants to drive the two tons another year like she has the last 60 plus years. But her problem is getting the end gates up. Where did you get the assist cylinders for the end gates? Trying to retire her but you know how that goes. Local grain elevator help would miss her though."

Look, I hate to be a party to elder abuse, but my son just had this conversation with the lady I live with, who is slightly younger, so I know where you are coming from, Larry.

Farm Journal has a strict prohibition on endorsements, but I'm making an exception here. The electric grain gate is made by Shurco. If you Google "Shurco electric gate" you'll go right to it.

This will be our second year with the grain gate, hoist control, and electric tarp, and we've been happy with the performance of all of them.

You can control the gate from the back of the bed, but for unloading at an auger with the wind swirling around, the remote is a huge improvement, because you can stand upwind. Not only is it a back-saver, it keeps people cleaner and safer.

Note it is not fast, but that is a good thing, I think. Installation was not hard, and we've had zero problems. If anyone from Shurco is watching, I do accept free-will donations.

Thanks for watching, send me an address for a mug and maybe I'll stumble on to a topic that will hold your attention a little better.