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Published on: 12:25PM May 11, 2015

One of my critics thinks I’m misdirecting my efforts. From John Miller:

“His recent comments on economic issues was way off base if not inane…get Phipps off real hard economic issues and back to humor.  He’s good at one, but not the other.”

John, thank you for writing. It can be confusing because I work both in humor and commentary, so my rule of thumb is this: if you think it’s funny, please go ahead and laugh – that may be what I was going for.

As for the hard economic issues, a confession is in order. Almost all my opinions are the products of far better minds than my own. In fact, this is a good time to give some credit to my favorite sources for economic analysis:


You can also check who I’m following on Twitter. I’ll post a complete list of my favorite sites on our webpage.

I did not mention ag sources today. Most of those are well-known. They are included on the whole list.

We are all having a hard time reconciling hardened belief systems to stubborn facts. I think it helps to get input from outside the ag echo chamber. It turns out we are part of a larger, very complex economic system that defies simplistic solutions.





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