Beat the Winter Blahs!

Published on: 13:53PM Jan 14, 2011



Hey there Outdoors on the Farm fans!

You can beat the winter blahs!

As a hunter, I have a craving for being in the woods or the field or on the pond any time of the year. Sometimes that craving can be challenged with the way that Mother Nature lays out. It’s the middle of January now and as we all know, Iowa Januarys aren’t the most fun. The temperatures are low and usually it’s windy with blowing snow. Staying warm in this kind of weather is the most crucial for having fun outdoors on the farm. You need to be as prepared as you possibly can for whatever kind of weather that you might run into.

For me, the best way to deal with the weather is to wear LAYER after LAYER after LAYER! You can always take a layer of clothing off if you do need to, but usually I’ll wear over 4 layers of clothes! It’s the worst when a hunt or fishing trip is ruined because you can’t feel your legs or your hands. So layer up so you can keep having fun outdoors on the farm even in the coldest of weather!

Be sure to watch next week’s Outdoors on the Farm to see me and dad talking about how to stay comfortable when we’re outdoors.

And remember - Keep on havin' fun outdoors on your farm!