Historic Texas Ranch Sold to LA Rams Owner

Published on: 21:42PM Feb 09, 2016


Mike Walsten

The historic W.T. Waggoner Ranch south of Vernon, Texas, was sold this morning to LA Rams owner Stan Kroenke. The selling price on the 535,000-acre ranch, which spreads across six counties, has not been disclosed. The original asking price was $725 million, which includes the cattle, horses, farm equipment, 30,000 acres of cropland, 1,000 oil wells, business offices, lakes and employees. The ranch is the largest operating under one single fenceline. Its history dates to its founding in 1849 by Dan Waggoner. It has remained in the Waggoner family until today. Besides the LA (recently St. Louis) Rams, Kroenke also owns the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche.

Here is the press release announcing the sale.

Press reports indicate Kroenke's purchase will increase his farmland holdings to about 1.37 million acres. Click here for another report.

For the fascinating history behind the ranch and the family struggles (think TV series "Dallas") behind the sale of the property, click here for the Texas Monthly piece "Showdown at Waggoner Ranch."

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