Iowa Farmland Cash Rent Declines 6.5% for 2016

Published on: 14:48PM May 16, 2016

Mike Walsten

The average cash rent for Iowa cropland declined 6.5% this year, according to the annual survey conducted by Iowa State University. The survey of actual cash rents, conducted in late-April, found the state average rent declined $16 to an average of $230 an acre. That average is down $40, or 15%, from the high posted in 2013 of $270 an acre.

On a crop-district basis, the northeast district reports the highest average cash rent at $250 an acre. It also reports the highest average district cash rent for top-quality cropland of $297 an acre. The lowest cash rent is reported in the south central district, as usual, with a 2016 average of $183 an acre. Cash rent for top-quality cropland in that district is listed at $219 an acre, also the lowest on a district-wide basis for the state.

Dubuque County reports this highest average cash rent for any county at $294 an acre. High-quality cropland in that county averages $374 an acre. Wayne County lists the lowest average county-wide cash rent at $150 an acre.

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