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19:10PM Aug 23, 2019

In The Shop: Biggest Power-Hog on a Combine?

How many of you have combines with too much power? Uh-huh, as I suspected, nobody raised their hand. Combines never have enough power according to their operators. But when you ...
17:41PM Aug 23, 2019

Stop The Carousel

Alan Brugler
AgWeb Contributor
Market Watch with Alan Brugler August 23, 2019 Stop the Carousel Stop the carousel, I want to get off! Like a scary movie where the carousel keeps whirling faster and ...
09:21AM Aug 23, 2019

Big step backward

Dan Hueber
AgWeb Contributor
A couple of baby steps forward, and one big adult step backward would seem to be a reasonably accurate description of the action in the grain and soy markets over ...
09:16AM Aug 23, 2019

Pro Farmer Tour Wraps Up

Kevin McNew
AgWeb Contributor
Pro Farmer Tour Wraps Up, US Production Forecasts Expected Later Today The tour wrapped up Thursday with results much as expected: below average corn yields and below average pod counts ...
05:53AM Aug 23, 2019

Yields Improving as Crop Tour Moves On

Paul Georgy
AgWeb Contributor
Good Morning from Allendale, Inc. with the early morning commentary for August 23, 2019. Grain markets are mixed overnight after taking a breather yesterday with light trading volume and little ...
12:27PM Aug 22, 2019

Pyramid Scheme

Leigh Rubin
AgWeb Contributor
Hi All! Thought you might enjoy the pilot episode of, Drawing Inspiration, a family friendly TV show my creative partner and I have been working on for several years which ...
09:57AM Aug 22, 2019

Investment in technology required

Dan Hueber
AgWeb Contributor
Market news this morning is limited to two stories; The ProFarmer crop tour and weekly export sales. The first has provided us another bit of market positive news while the ...