Our family farming history began with my great-great-... (nine generations ago) grandfather Johannes. He, his wife and three children left Saxony, Germany, on April 20, 1734, aboard the ship St. Andrew, mastered by Capt. John Stedman. They landed at Philadelphia on Sept. 22 and eventually settled our family’s first "New World" farm near Society Run in Frederick Township, Montgomery County, Pa., in 1743. Pig farming was our family’s specialty until the mid 1950s. A lot has changed since then. Our farm is now located in Northeast PA and includes a 100% Grass-fed closed herd of Registered Red Angus BEEFALO, pastured Tam-Roc pigs, and roasters & layer chickens. We organically maintain 150 acres, comprised of 25 acres in rotational pastures, 15 acres in tillable cropland, and alfalfa/mixed grass hay on the balance 110 acres. We have never used chemical pesticides or herbicides on our pastures or hay fields. We also do not have a "vaccination schedule" for our animals. We do however reserve the right to administer antibiotics to the animals in life-threatening circumstances. Because of our humane animal treatment we are not a "certified" organic farming operation. We do however employ the natural/organic approach to help promote sustainability and environmental health. Additional info. about us and our farm can be found at thekuhnfamilyfarm.com.

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