07:00AM Jul 05, 2020

Celebrating the Freedom to Trade

Global Farmer Network
AgWeb Contributor
By John Rigolizzo Jr.: Berlin, New Jersey I once touched the Liberty Bell. It was a long time ago: I was seven or eight years old and my mother had ...
16:54PM Jul 02, 2020

Cause for Celebration

Alan Brugler
AgWeb Contributor
Market Watch with Austin Schroeder July 2, 2020 Cause for Celebration It was a pretty good week to be a bull! As we look at the table of commodities and ...
10:17AM Jul 02, 2020

Keep your friends close...

Dan Hueber
AgWeb Contributor
While the origin is in question, there is an old proverb that says, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I could not help but think of this when ...
08:59AM Jul 02, 2020

Grains Pause, Watching Weather Going Into the Long Holiday Weekend

Kevin McNew
AgWeb Contributor
USDA Grain Crush Higher for May USDA Grain Crush for May reported corn use for fuel ethanol at 300 million bushels continuing to rebound from 245 million in April. Corn ...
08:58AM Jul 02, 2020

The Emerging Role of Cooperatives in African Agriculture

Stephanie Mercier
Senior Policy and Advocacy Adviser
In Africa, where the vast majority of farmers are smallholders (on average cultivating about 5 acres according to a 2018 estimate by the OECD), it makes sense for such farmers ...
08:02AM Jul 02, 2020

Vaclavik Audio 7/2/20

Joe Vaclavik
AgWeb Contributor
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21:46PM Jul 01, 2020

He sourdough startered it!

Leigh Rubin
AgWeb Contributor
Leigh is now available for your virtual events! Find out how by clicking on the link below: ...