The Service.
COMMODITY UPDATE SM leverages technology to deliver critical commodity
market data and other information to the end users’ mobile phone or other handheld device. The customer has complete discretion over what information
will be delivered and when. Able to select from a comprehensive list of commodities, exchanges, and contract maturities, users will be able to
customize an “information set” which specifically compliments their operation, needs, and marketing objectives.

In addition, through the Update Message Center SM , business and other users are able to send critical alerts and product and other information directly to users who "Opt In”.

Mobile messaging is quickly becoming the most direct, widest reaching, and most cost effective communication medium in the world. Let us help you leverage this exciting opportunity.

History. The founders of COMMODITY UPDATE SM have, among other things, a background in agriculture. Largely detached from a desk, they became frustrated with the general lack of access to timely information. Having tried a myriad of products on the market (with mixed reviews) and realizing many shared their desire for timely and accessible market information, COMMODITY UPDATE  was born.

Our Customers.
The service is designed for individual users who require commodity market
data and other information while they are on the go. Many users tell us the
service has become an essential part of their management and decision making processes.

In addition, businesses that cater to production agriculture can provide a private labeled version of the Commodity Update service to their customers as a promotional product, gift, or incentive. These businesses have found 
Commodity Update to be a tremendous and low cost marketing tool which is effective in promoting goodwill and driving revenue.