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13:33PM Aug 03, 2011

Ohio’s Wheat Harvest Yields Despite Weather Extremes

Fungicide applications helped push yields to 85 bu./acre.
02:05AM Aug 01, 2011

Rice Markets Firm as Early Harvest Starts

Roy Leidahl
AgWeb Contributor
Drought is gripping much of prime southern U.S. rice-growing area, so prospects of a reduced harvest have helped support prices.
13:23PM Jul 25, 2011

Consider Harvest, Storage Options to Manage Head Scab

A Purdue Extension plant pathologist says wheat growers can take steps during harvest and in storage to control head scab in the crop.
05:00AM Jan 30, 2011

Look For Where You Lose Yields

Margy Eckelkamp
Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete
Head to the field in episode 12 of Corn College TV to estimate bushels left in the field.
10:33AM Nov 02, 2010

Modern Harvest

Harvest time can bring mixed feelings to farm families: On the one hand is joy at a job well done, working with Mother Nature to grow a beautiful and bountiful ...
13:00PM Sep 07, 2010

Flex Head Built for Demanding Conditions

Case IH launches 3020 flex head available in 20’, 25’, 30’, and 35’ models.