15:00PM Jun 16, 2014

Influence of Rainfall on Insecticide Efficacy

How long before a rain do you need to spray insecticide to get acceptable control? Here are some factors that can impact insecticide performance.

05:59AM Jun 13, 2014

How to Grow 450 bu./acre Corn

Dan Crummett
AgWeb Contributor

Virginia grower tops the national no-till yield contest with early-season attention to details.

11:10AM Jun 12, 2014

War on Cornfield Pest Sparks Clash Over Insecticide

Wire Service

Pesticide use is surging among U.S. farmers who are worried about insect resistance to Bt corn. But scientists warn that overuse of chemicals may create a worse problem down the

06:06AM Jun 12, 2014

Consider This Before You Switch Hybrids

Trading hybrids because of a planting delay can be risky. The trick is knowing when to pull the trigger. These tips can help.

05:36AM Jun 11, 2014

Talc and Graphite: What You Need to Know Before You Plant

How much graphite or talc should be added per planter-fill, and why the heck is graphite and talc necessary in the first place?

15:21PM Jun 09, 2014

Investment Fund Sues Company for Misuse of Corporate Assets

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor

The suit contends that field trials showed that Optimum GAT did not work as expected.

05:00AM Jun 05, 2014

Nitrogen Applications: Sidedress it Right

Switching products and application from preplant to sidedress requires availability of needed fertilizers and equipment. So have a plan in place.