Soybean harvest
09:20AM Oct 18, 2019

Will Heavier Pigs in China Create Opportunities for U.S. Farmers?

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor
High feeding margins in China are motivating Chinese pork producers to feed market hogs to heavier weights. This is impacting the market in many ways, says Arlan Suderman, chief commodities
15:51PM Oct 16, 2019

I-80 Harvest Tour Nebraska: Fields Still Underwater

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
Nebraska farmers are trying to harvest after being flooded multiple times this year. Despite that, USDA says the average corn and soybean yields for the state are higher than the
07:38AM Oct 16, 2019

What Actually Happens When You File a Dicamba Complaint?

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
If you have yield or monetary damages you want covered by the applicator at fault, you have to take the battle to court or work out a recovery payment with
14:28PM Oct 14, 2019

Illinois to Restrict Dicamba Applications

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) will provide additional label restrictions for dicamba in 2020—these are restrictions in addition to the federal EPA label.
10:36AM Oct 14, 2019

Soybeans Could Be at Bigger Risk of Yield Cut, 2020 Acreage Boost

USDA continues to trim its national yield and carryout forecast for soybeans. University of Missouri economists say that could set the stage for better prices and bigger acreage next year.
16:59PM Oct 11, 2019

Exclusive: China Trade Agreement Details

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor
News is breaking late Friday. President Trump is announcing of a Phase 1 agreement between the U.S. and China concerning trade. Clinton Griffiths, the Host of AgDay, has analysis from
14:02PM Oct 11, 2019

83-Year-Old Farmer Says 2019 Is Unlike Any Other Year

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
Farmers across the U.S. say how 2019 is not like any other year they’ve farmed. AgDay National Reporter Betsy Jibben talked with a seasoned farmer who can really say if