13:46PM Mar 27, 2018

Pulse: 15% of Farmers are Opting Out of Crop Coverage

Wes Mills
Executive Producer

Nearly 900 farmers responded to the question: What level of insurance for your corn crop did you buy in 2018?

12:44PM Mar 27, 2018

Pro Farmer, Farmer Estimates Ahead of Prospective Plantings Report

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

What's the USDA going to show on its Prospective Plantings Report?

14:15PM Mar 26, 2018

Fire in the Belly

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

Relay crop offense is the best defense for Indiana farmer

09:38AM Mar 23, 2018

FJCTV: Planting Soybeans After Corn

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

Does your planting rotation have you planting soybeans this spring?

15:55PM Mar 22, 2018

AgriTalk ATB: Gidel Says Fewer Corn Acres and More Beans in 2018

AgWeb Contributor

Jerry Gidel from PRICE Futures Group tells ATB host Chip Flory that he anticipates 2018 corn plantings down about 1.6 million acres from last year. For soybeans, Gidel anticipates up

09:00AM Mar 22, 2018

AgriTalk Farmer Forum: Trade, Biofuels, Dicamba and more!

AgWeb Contributor

It’s a Farmer Forum! AgriTalk Host Chip Flory rounded up a great group of farmers this week with Charlie Kruse from Missouri, Dennis Bogaards from Iowa, and Randy Urmacher from

16:34PM Mar 21, 2018

More Suffering for Argentina Soy as Drought Lingers

Wire Service

It was already looking bad for Argentina’s drought-stricken farmers. Now, it could get even worse, with the nation’s soybean crop at risk of plunging to its lowest in nine years.