15:55PM Mar 21, 2018

Trucker Shortage Hits General Mills

Wire Service

General Mills Inc. suffered the worst plunge since mid-2015 after shipping costs and other expenses squeezed profit margins to their thinnest point in years.

16:41PM Mar 16, 2018

Russia Wheat Stocks Swell

Wire Service

Russia’s wheat stockpiles are set to swell to the highest levels since at least Soviet times, keeping its prices low in a blow to European Union rivals .

16:24PM Mar 16, 2018

Potash Market Nervous about Shortage

Wire Service

Following years of abundant global supplies, an accident in early March made the industry nervous about supplies and production.

11:49AM Mar 15, 2018

Bayer Monsanto Deal Still Facing Antitrust Issues

Wire Service

Bayer AG’s plan to win antitrust approval for its takeover of Monsanto Co. hasn’t satisfied U.S. officials who are worried the merger could hurt competition, according to two people familiar

10:50AM Mar 15, 2018

World Record Yield Holder Thinks 800 BPA Corn Yields Possible

Virginia farmer David Hula pulled in a yield of 542 bushels per acre, a monstrous yield that won the 2017 National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) yield contest.

09:50AM Mar 15, 2018

Will A Different Safety-Net Cause Climbing Cotton Acres?

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter

The cotton industry is experiencing a number of changes already in 2018, some of which includes ginning assistance and a new safety-net under the current farm bill.

18:57PM Mar 14, 2018

Allendale: Record Soybean Acres in 2018

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

Farmers are predicted to plant 2 million acres more soybeans this compared to 2017, according to Allendale’s annual nationwide producer survey.