16:56PM Mar 13, 2018

SCN Robs Yield from Every Field

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor

With resistance on the rise, farmers need to employ new control methods

14:05PM Mar 13, 2018

Chasing Fire: Jason Mauck's Passion Fuels American Farming

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

Jason Mauck is a man obsessed with farming efficiency: A true maverick, apostle of relay cropping and farmer fueled by love of family, Mauck is bringing change to agriculture, one

11:05AM Mar 13, 2018

Growing Texas Sugarcane From Start to Harvest

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

The Rio Grande Valley is the only place Texas’ sweetest crop is grown, and harvest is about to wrap up.

10:06AM Mar 13, 2018

La Nina Fades Away

Wire Service

The shortest La Nina in almost a decade has ended, just three months after it began.

09:00AM Mar 13, 2018

Can Livestock Help the Adoption of Cover Crops?

Iowa State University
AgWeb Contributor

According to an Iowa State University study, the widespread adoption of cover crops is hindered by return on investment. Livestock may offer a solution.

07:51AM Mar 13, 2018

Phipps Farm Working Guidelines

This week, John Phipps answers a viewer question on how he tackles weeds at his farm.

15:25PM Mar 12, 2018

Nitrogen Deficiency Technology Makes Jump Editors
AgWeb Contributor

New technology detects nitrogen stress using computer vision techniques that recognize characteristic features on plant leaves.