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13:10PM Jun 10, 2019

USDA Confirms GE Wheat Was Discovered In Washington Field

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
This past week USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) confirmed it discovered genetically engineered (GE) wheat in Washington state. It was found in an unplanted field and is
11:40AM Jun 10, 2019

Some Ohio farmers won't plant crops at all because of rain

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor
TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — The constant rains this spring are forcing some Ohio farmers to give up hopes of planting any corn this spring and won
05:05AM Jun 10, 2019

South Dakota farmers' crops being damaged by dicamba drifts

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor
ABERDEEN, S.D. (AP) — A South Dakota farmer takes a snap of his crops and adds the temperature, wind conditions, date and other details in
19:33PM Jun 07, 2019

Markets Now: How To Overcome 2019’s Obstacles

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
With old crop still in many bins, and even some new crop, farmers need to be on top of their marketing plans.
19:18PM Jun 07, 2019

Wheat Markets Get Lift From Abroad

Clinton Griffiths
AgDay Anchor, Executive Producer
Wheat prices have been volatile in recent weeks on uncertainty around global weather.
19:13PM Jun 07, 2019

Should APH Damage Factor Into the Prevent Plant Decision?

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor
Chris Barron, the impact of late-planted, lower yielding corn on a farm’s Average Production History (APH) is something to consider.
17:21PM Jun 07, 2019

Cattle and Dairy: Lock in Feed Inventory, Prices Now

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
Corn and soybean producers aren’t the only ones feeling the squeeze of wet weather. Cattle and dairy producers are left wondering what this means for their access to feed, and