Data-Driven Accuracy Translates to Dollars

Data-Driven Accuracy Translates to Dollars

On a few hundred farms across the country, a quiet revolution is underway. A company called Conservis is equipping growers with powerful new tools that help them track and manage all parts of their operations. By collecting data from numerous sources day to day and season to season, the company is amassing the industry’s largest, most accurate database of operational information. It’s already predicting industry-wide yields with 99.3% accuracy. As this mountain of data continues to grow, so do the opportunities for farmers.

Ben Truesdell of Truesdell Family Farm joined with Conservis in 2015 to automate systems across his farm outside Sherburn, Minnesota. “This year our inventory tracking was much more accurate. Not only did I know exactly how much we harvested from each field,” says Truesdell, “but I was able to track where every bushel went from the office or any mobile device.”

“What we used to do with an Excel document after-hours we are now compiling in real time,” he says. “Now that we’re doing it, I can't imagine trying to track our inventories without this kind of accuracy."

As business gets more complex, the demand for accountability only grows. With well-organized information a tap away, farmers can keep track of activities in real time, more easily monitor their business profitability and detect issues and errors while there’s time to correct them.

In 2015, combined customer data is tracking closely to yield and price data for the industry as a whole. That relevance only improves over time. One crop insurance agent reported that the data they received from a Conservis customer accurately reflected their production within 0.03% — a very minimal margin of error.

Accuracy translates into dollars. “With the historical data we’re collecting field by field,” says Ben Truesdell, “we can see which fields are driving our profits, analyze what we can do to improve and where we can save on inputs.”

Accuracy is just one way the data collected by Conservis translates to more dollars in farmers’ pockets.

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