Data Today, Insight Tomorrow

Data Today, Insight Tomorrow

On a few hundred farms across the country, a quiet revolution is underway. A company called Conservis is equipping growers with powerful new tools that help them track and manage all parts of their operations. By collecting data from numerous sources day to day and season to season, the company is amassing the industry’s largest, most accurate database of operational information. It’s already predicting industry-wide yields with 99.3% accuracy. As this mountain of data continues to grow, so do the opportunities for farmers.

There’s a lot of talk about what data will do for farmers. But until that data is collected and managed, it’s just speculation. Conservis is well ahead of the pack with over 7,200 fields under management in 2015 up from 500 in 2010 — a compound annual growth rate of 64%. “Now the data is reaching a critical mass,” says Chief Revenue Officer Chris Benyo. “We’re seeing correlations we couldn’t before.”

In 2015, combined customer data is tracking closely to yield and price data for the industry as a whole. That relevance only improves over time. One crop insurance agent reported that the data they received from a Conservis customer accurately reflected their production within 0.03% — a very minimal margin of error.

Accuracy translates into dollars. “With the historical data we’re collecting field by field,” says Ben Truesdell, “we can see which fields are driving our profits, analyze what we can do to improve, and where we can save on inputs.”

Conservis now offers the basics everyone needs, from planning to planting to harvest to sale. And the system continues to evolve, adding new capacity and support for virtually unlimited applications on a foundation that can support the next 100,000 customers.

The company’s success depends on moving quickly — to get people up and running on the system in days, not months or years — and continually adding essential functions, from artificial intelligence to more machine connectivity.

“Our ambition,” says CEO Pat Christie, “is to get new capabilities into our customers’ hands that they didn’t expect, then make them say, ‘wow, that’s exactly what I needed.’”

All those data streams are feeding the future of ag business intelligence. For Christie, that’s where it gets exciting. “We are creating an insight and decision engine that unifies everything that touches the farm, a single place to analyze, plan, share with partners, and optimize profitability.”

Where will all this insight lead? Back at Stoneman Farms, Justin Stoneman is looking ahead. “I want to wake up and be able to look at a gauge and see where the company’s at. We’re not there yet, but I’m thinking long term.”

Today, that means doing all the little things right. “There’s a saying: You can’t manage time, you can only manage processes. Our goal is to greatly reduce the amount of time in a process or between processes — all the things you do, when you do it, how you do it,” says Stoneman. “Conservis will be a part of that effort.”

Farmers have always been at the mercy of ifs, thens, and maybes. But Conservis is helping them make an ever-more complex business clearer and simpler. For the first time in history, farmers are in a position to know what’s next and move forward with confidence, before anyone else.

Collecting data with Conservis today provides invaluable insights tomorrow.

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