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2017 Attendee Feedback

We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback on the conference so that we may continue to improve your experience each year. Please rate the following sessions on a scale of 5 to 1:

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General Sessions

Policy Update form the Three CEOS - Jim Mulhern, Tom Vilsack, Michael Dykes

Where Are Dairy Markets Headed? (U.S. Farm Report Taping)

Good Coaches Empower Great Teams - Richard Hadden

Building Culture, One Pizza at a Time - Debbie Sweeney

We Survived an ICE Raid - Anthony Raimondo

Panel Discussion: What Robots Have Taught Us - Brian Houin, Brian Kielstra, Miguel Aparicio

NAFTA from the Canadian Side - Shaun Haney

Making Multiple Sites Work - Liz Griffith, John Vosters

Six Characteristics of Champions - Simon Keith

Economic Outlook - Chip Flory

Focus & Workshop Sessions

Neogen: Making Dollars and Sense of Heifer Genomics - Carolyn Madson & Laurel Mastro

Animal Health International: Realizing More Value When Feeding Micro Nutrient Ingredients - William Sirico

Virtus Nutrition: Introducing My Dairy Dashboard: Better Decisions Faster - Renee Smith

GEA North America: The Practicality of Robots for Large Herds - Matt Daley

KCoe Isom: Business Planning in Ag: How to Keep More of the Money You Make! - Doug Claussen

Steps to Being A Great Coach - Richard Hadden

Trump and the New Dairy World - Jim Wiesemeyer

Pre-Nups: Do You Have the Guts to Ask For One? - George Twohig

Becoming the Next CEO: Learning From the Masters - Shannon Ferrell

What's on the Weather Radar - Eric Snodgrass

Using Real-World Experience to Build the Next Management Team - Mike Gerrits

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