2018 MILK Business Conference Speaker Form


MILK Business Conference
November 5-7, 2018
The Luxor Resort  & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Please complete the questions below to help with your travel and speaking needs at MILK Business Conference, November 5-7, 2018 at the Luxor Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Submit this information no later than September 21st.  Please contact Heather Sterrett at hsterrett@farmjournal.com, should you have any additional needs or questions.
Thank you!

- Contact Information - 

- Event Guide Information - 

As a part of this year's event guide, we are allowing speakers to include contact information of their choosing.

Please enter  the contact information below that you would like included, or simply type 'None' if you do not wish to have your contact information included. 

- Transportation - 

Presenters are asked to reserve their own airline reservations and ground transportation to/from the Luxor Resort & Casino. 

Please provide us with your airline itinerary information to help us know when we can contact you onsite and ensure you have checked in. If you are driving in, simply list the date and time you plan to arrive at the hotel.

- Hotel - 

Room reservations will be made on your behalf at the Luxor Resort & Casino. One night will be paid for by Farm Journal Media (typically the night before your presentation). Additional nights will be at your own expense unless other arrangements have been made with Farm Journal Media.


Please complete the following in order to secure your room based on availability:

- Attendance - 

- Powerpoint - 

Breakout Sessions Only- You will need to provide your own laptop unless arrangements have been made ahead of time with Farm Journal Media meeting planners. 

For General Session speakers, a laptop will be provided. Please email your presentation ahead of time on the provided template to hsterrett@farmjournal.com, and bring it on a flash drive to the event as well. 

Please upload a photo of yourself for our speaker bios section.
(simply disregard this if we already have your bio and photo).

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