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  • Farmland Values Are Mixed

    07/18/2017 11:18 PM The Federal Reserve of Kansas City just released their latest Ag Lending Databook. We provide some details of interest.
  • Should You Consider a Cash Balance Plan
    07/13/2017 08:26 AM If you are nearing retirement and face a large income tax bill, you may want to consider using a cash balance plan to reduce those taxes.
  • Flinchbaugh Grades Trump on Ag
    07/11/2017 12:01 PM

    President's grades are mixed on four major agricultural issues, says ag policy expert.

  • Farmer Equals Step-Up - Share-Crop No Step-Up
    07/06/2017 09:23 AM When a farmer passes away, the heirs can get a step-up in basis on farm inputs and deduct them again. However, if this is a crop-share landlord, the tax rules may prevent this double deduction.
  • Will You Be Able To Deduct Business Interest Under Tax Reform?
    07/05/2017 12:46 PM Business interest deductions may be limited under tax reform. We give you some of the details.
  • Right to Repair Movement
    06/30/2017 09:31 AM Farmers are finding it harder to repair new equipment with proprietary software. A movement to require vendors to provide tools to allow this is under way.
  • Ranking States By ARC/PLC Payments
    06/26/2017 04:17 PM ARC and PLC payments are on pace to exceed the old 2008 Farm Bill payments, however, by the end of this farm bill, there may not be that much difference.
  • Single Member LLC is not an Individual
    06/13/2017 09:18 AM A small partnership who files its tax return late can owe substantial penalties. However, if it is a qualified small partnership, it may not owe the penalty. But if it has a single member LLC as an owner, it is likely not a small partnership.
  • Late Portability Elections Available Until January
    06/12/2017 07:55 AM The IRS just announced an automatic extension for estates clear back to 2011 to file a portability election.

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