06:04AM Mar 08, 2011

Market Outlook: Corn Is King, but Crude Is Czar

Crude oil influences commodities; world watching wheat stocks; container shipments higher; consumers want steak again

05:56AM Mar 08, 2011

Market Outlook: How Do You Compare?

We took advisers’ sales levels for 2010 and 2011 corn and soybeans and averaged them into a simple Adviser Index.

05:40AM Mar 08, 2011

Can We Do It?

Increased demand for corn could spur acreage battle.

04:49AM Mar 08, 2011

Hire on the Safe Side

Immigration officials are cracking down on farm workers

02:16AM Mar 08, 2011

March 1 Corn and Soybean Stocks Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Although basis levels are not especially strong, the carry in the futures market from March to July is much smaller than in the previous three years.

09:54AM Mar 07, 2011

FAPRI: 4% Increase in Food Prices Predicted Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Food prices will rise not only from higher prices paid at the farm level for food grains and livestock, but also recent increases in energy costs.

00:16AM Mar 06, 2011

Vilsack says Cutting Ethanol Incentives Would Be Bad Move

Greg Vincent
AgWeb Contributor

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack says calls for eliminating ethanol subsidies should be ignored as we need energy independence and jobs.