08:27AM Jul 13, 2020

Kernel Rising: Cotton Could Soon Feed The World

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

One of the greatest farming enigmas to afflict growers in the last 100 years has been solved, yet the answer sits idle.

07:30AM Jul 13, 2020

Make Plans to Attend Farm Journal Field Day

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

Farm Journal Field Days is a combination of virtual and live programming to take place Aug. 25–27.

15:30PM Jul 10, 2020

A Look at USDA’s Farmers to Families Boxes at the Food Pantry

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter

Thirty-five million food boxes have been delivered as part of USDA’s Farmers to Families Food Box Program, as of July 10.

10:22AM Jul 10, 2020

Pinpoint Placement of Inputs With The Planter

Margy Eckelkamp
Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete

In 2020, the team at AMVAC, which is currently spearheading SIMPAS development, worked with five retailers to beta test the system in Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska.

06:19AM Jul 10, 2020

Nearly Half of Farmers Have Concerns About Sales Reps Being On Farm

A Farm Journal survey found nearly half of farmers have reservations about allowing sales reps and other input suppliers on farms, and some in agriculture think it's changing the way

15:59PM Jul 09, 2020

Real-life experience with Pivot Bio PROVEN™

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AgWeb Contributor

Farmer and Farm Journal TV and radio personality, Andrew McCrea, had the same questions. Curiosity got the best of him so he decided to see for himself if the claims

16:27PM Jul 08, 2020

Livestock Takeaways from USDA’s Grain Stocks Report

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

“Producers already told USDA they planned six months straight ahead of lower than last year farrowings,” says Nelson. “This may actually exaggerate the decline in pork production seen for 2021.”