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The Farm Journal Legacy Project is a concerted effort to address the succession planning needs of America’s farm families. Since 2008, the Legacy Project has provided comprehensive succession planning information. Its mission: to cultivate multigenerational success in the agricultural community.

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It sounds like the pitch of a reality show: follow along in real-time as an established farmer works to help launch the careers of five

As harvest runs full speed at the McCauley farm in White Cloud, Kan., Ken McCauley and his son, Brad, are at an exciting crossroads. The

Set clear expectations and accountability 

Do you have a hard time keeping off-farm family members informed about the farm? Do you have a retired farm

“Awkward!” That’s how my niece describes any uncomfortable situation or conversation. Here’s another common phrase: It’s not personal; it’s business. But with family businesses such

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Case Studies

Follow the journey of three farm families as they navigate the succession process.