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  • Late Options On Bonus Depreciation Are Available

    04/21/2017 02:26 PM

    Bonus depreciation allows farmers to deduct some upfront percentage of their fixed asset purchases that are new during the year.  The current percentage if 50% (it has been as high as 100% during parts of 2010 and all of 2011).  This can be a very powerful tax planning tool, however, in many situations, farmers would rather not take bonus depreciation.

  • Late Options On Bonus Depreciation Are Available
    04/20/2017 10:04 AM A farmer may want to change their bonus depreciation after filing their return. it can be done, but it may cost you to do it.
  • A Webinar This Thursday
    04/18/2017 07:20 AM I will be doing an one hour farm tax webinar this Thursday for the University of Arkansas. There is no sign-up required and I will cover general Ag tax law and how tax reform may affect farmers.
  • Another Tax Season Comes to an End
    04/17/2017 07:41 AM Tax season is almost ended. I recap my travels during tax season
  • The AICPA Ag Conference Returns Next Year
    04/11/2017 01:42 PM The AICPA Ag Conference will be held next summer in Las Vegas. Let me know if you plan on attending.
  • CLA Testifies at House Ag Committee
    04/06/2017 07:38 AM Chris Hesse of CLA testified in front of the full House Ag Committee yesterday. He provides a recap of his testimony in Washington DC.