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  • Farm Financial Standards Council Meeting

    07/27/2017 08:41 AM Today is the main part of the Farm Financial Standards Council annual meeting. I will be recapping what I learn through out the day.
  • Farm Financial Standards Week
    07/24/2017 06:09 AM This week is the annual Farm Financial Standards Council annual meeting. I update you on my travel plans for the wheat and provide some views on crop conditions around the country.
  • "Some Assembly Required"
    07/22/2017 01:11 PM Over the years, the most dreaded words I hear are "some assembly required". This can also apply to tax planning. Make sure to do all of the steps and you will end up with a good plan.
  • Farmland Values Are Mixed
    07/18/2017 11:18 PM The Federal Reserve of Kansas City just released their latest Ag Lending Databook. We provide some details of interest.
  • Should You Consider a Cash Balance Plan
    07/13/2017 08:26 AM If you are nearing retirement and face a large income tax bill, you may want to consider using a cash balance plan to reduce those taxes.
  • Flinchbaugh Grades Trump on Ag
    07/11/2017 12:01 PM

    President's grades are mixed on four major agricultural issues, says ag policy expert.