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Welcome to AgWeb's Corn Growing Guide. This compendium of farm-tested information, culled from the pages of Farm Journal magazine and AgWeb, is designed to help you take your yields to the next level.

Corn yields in the United States are the envy of farmers around the world. While agronomic practices in this country have come a long way in the last five years, they still have a long way to go. Yields still vary markedly from farm to farm.corn sky

Some of that variability stems from factors such as soil, terrain and weather conditions that are difficult for farmers to overcome. But some of it is also due to the uneven application of rapidly evolving best practices. As the yield bar rises, taking the science of farming to the next level grows ever more complex.

AgWeb's Corn Growing Guide is an attempt to aggregate the best information available. It's difficult to keep pace with the pace of information about new hybrids, spacing techniques and planting technology. The battle lines against insects and diseases keep changing with the introduction of new inputs and techniques.

The emphasis in this Guide is on practical advice that you can put to use on your farm. You can't afford to rest, and neither will we. AgWeb's Corn Growing Guide is a work in progress. As best practices evolve, so will the Guide.

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