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Welcome to AgWeb's Guide to Precision Farming. This compendium of farm-tested information is designed to help you take your yields to the next level through the latest in variable farming techniques.

Aerial Planting 2If the art and science of precision farming has come a long way during the last decade, it still has a long way to go. While some progressive farmers have seized on precision farming practices to take their yields to a whole new level, others have yet to see a major return on their investment. And some farmers have yet to employ variable farming techniques at all.

The latest AgWeb research, done in August of 2014, shows that most farmers have employed precision agriculture with varying degrees of success. Roughly 36% of our users employ precision agriculture techniques in whole or in part and are happy with the experience. Another 17% employ some precision ag techniques, without plans to expand. And a full 45% of farmers don't use these techniques at all.

It's clear that precision ag is paying off for the farmers who understand how to use it well. There is a learning curve, that's for sure. The goal of our Guide to Precision Farming is to flatten the curve. On the pages that follow we've gathered the latest field-tested best practices for everyone to use.

Precision agriculture is no substitute for farming fundamentals. The experts stress that without a firm understanding of the soil characteristics of your farm, without accurate data bases and carefully calibrated equipment, it's difficult, if not impossible, to prosper with these advanced techniques.

But as the case studies in our guide demonstrate, the payoff can be substantial.

To produce this guide, we aggregated the best articles that have appeared in Farm Journal, Top Producer and on AgWeb. We have organized them to walk you logically down a path to success. And we will continually update the chapters as new information comes available. So....

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