11:40AM Sep 09, 2019

Video: Use Late-Season N Evaluations To Maximize Corn Yield

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor
N loss starts at the bottom of the corn plant and moves up.
13:16PM Jul 08, 2019

Farm Journal Hemp College - Altoona

AgWeb Staff
AgWeb Contributor
During this one day-day event, our experts will discuss the best agronomic practices for hemp production and touch upon marketing, legal considerations and policy news. During this one day-day event, ...
09:39AM Jul 03, 2019

Farm Journal Corn and Soybean College 2019

AgWeb Staff
AgWeb Contributor
Continuing the format from last year, the two-day field event will include material on Corn and Soybeans and like always will have indoor sessions and outdoor hands-on sessions. The two-day ...
17:38PM Jul 24, 2017

Last Chance to Join Ken Ferrie at Corn College

Jo Windmann
Senior Web Producer
It's not too late to head to Heyworth, Ill. to experience hands-on, cutting-edge events that will increase your success for years to come. These events are led by Farm Journal
16:05PM Mar 24, 2017

FJCTV: High-Speed Planters vs. Traditional Set Up

Ashley Davenport
AgWeb Contributor
High-speed planters have taken the ag industry by storm in recent years.
21:26PM Feb 24, 2017

FJCTV: Scouting Your Farm From Above

Ashley Davenport
AgWeb Contributor
Farm Journal agronomist Ken Ferrie has another tip on scouting your farm from above.
17:18PM Feb 17, 2017

FJCTV: Planter Set Ups

Ashley Davenport
AgWeb Contributor
Many farmers in the south are already dusting off their planters, and farmers in the north will be doing the same in a few short weeks.