Farm Journal Mid-October 2019 Cover
Farm Journal Mid-October 2019

From artificial intelligence to must-have apps, learn all about the latest and greatest in farming technology in this year's Tech Guide. Start reading below!

Clinton Griffiths

Clinton Griffiths: Aggie Engineering

While out and about this past spring, I happened to notice an SUV driving across a newly planted field. A guy’s arm was hanging out the window. He was using one of those home-style weed sprayers - his
Steve Cubbage

Steve Cubbage: Machinery Costs Under the Microscope

As the saying goes. “Once you’ve seen one farm — you’ve seen one farm.” No two are alike, which creates a real issue when considering the most likely go-to resource for assigning equipment costs is
Apps stats

4 Must-Have Apps for the Farm

How many apps do you have on your smartphone? The answer: Probably more than you think. To date, there are more than 1.83 million apps available on the Apple App Store and 2 million apps on Google
A System For Every Soil

A System for Every Soil

You manage the weakness of each field or soil type by choosing the best hybrids, varying plant population and fertilizer rates and selecting the appropriate herbicides and disease-control measures
Identify Soil Potential

Manage Input Costs by Understanding Soil Type

Imagine you have four daughters, it’s nearly Christmas and you still need to buy presents, explains Erich Eller, owner of Forefront Ag Solutions. One daughter sees a sweater she loves and eureka, you
Pick Your Precision Path

Pick Your Precision Path

Since the advent of GPS-guided tractors in the late 1980s and early 1990s, precision ag tools have continued to stack up. This layered approach is giving way to data-driven farming that is feeding

Win-Win Partnership Between Farmer and Startup

Better, faster and stronger. Testing new technology and innovation on farms, rather than in labs or controlled trials, serves as the ultimate measuring tape. When Tennessee producer Grant Norwood
9 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Software

9 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Software

The best farm software programs deliver efficiency, functionality and user satisfaction. Do the programs you use today make the grade? Answer the following questions to help guide you in evaluating
Overall Phone and Tablet Use

Mobile Tech On The Farm

It’s hard to imagine life before cellphones. Based on a Farm Journal research study conducted in May 2019, farmers depend on their mobile devices. ~By Katie Humphreys