Clinton Griffiths

Clinton Griffiths: ‘Tis a Trying Season

November may be the most transitional month of the year. It's typically the last gasp of warmer weather, crops are coming out of the field and into storage, plans for next season are underway, and
Drive Home Your Legacy

Drive Home Your Legacy

As harvest runs full speed at the McCauley farm in White Cloud, Kan., Ken McCauley and his son, Brad, are at an exciting crossroads. The two are increasingly working independently and even starting to
John Phipps

John Phipps: Everybody Back in the Pool!

Almost 15 years ago, I wrote about our in-ground pool. I have made many foolish spending decisions, but all seemed like a good idea at the time. Conversely, I have made a handful of very wise
Friday Night Lights - Steve Spivey

Harvest Timeout for Friday Night Lights

Every fall Friday afternoon, Steve Spivey climbs down from a combine or tractor, trading diesel, dust and grain for a few hours of grass. He suits up with turf shoes, black slacks, white cap and zebra
World Pork Production Share By Country

Big-Time Global Impact

As African swine fever (ASF) spreads beyond China’s borders and throughout Asia and other countries, the global implications of what is happening in the pork market are becoming clearer. But it’s

Winter Annual Weeds Weaken Tomorrow’s Yield

While harvest might still be your priority, keep field prep for 2020 in mind and take notes from the combine. Specifically, which weeds you’re seeing and where. “Fall burndown is something to consider
Tyson plant fire

Market Stabilizes After Tyson Fire

One recent fire lit up the cattle markets, proving just one event can have a big-time impact. The Aug. 9 fire at Tyson’s Finney County, Kan., harvest facility shuttered the plant and sent the industry
U.S. Meat Production

Meat’s Plate Share Grows

After several years of steady declines, U.S. consumers are adding more protein to their plates. In 2018, U.S. red meat and poultry consumption reached a record high. That trend is expected to continue
4 Ways to Withstand Cash Flow Shortfalls

4 Ways to Withstand Cash Flow Shortfalls

The economic reset of the past few years is increasing farm financial stress. “This is not the 80s, but it is an era that will be remembered,” says Dan Gieseke, Missouri farm loan chief for USDA’s

Farm Machinery Replacement Strategies

One of the biggest farm investments you make is your machinery lineup. “Yet, unlike land or buildings, machinery must be monitored, maintained and replaced,” says William Edwards, Iowa State
$100 Ideas - November 2019

$100 Ideas - November 2019

Stay Organized With This Chain Rack This chain rack was made from scrap metal found around the farm. The legs are twisted pivot line, the top frame is a broken tine bar from a rake and the bars
Machinery Pete: Highest Prices: John Deere 200 hp to 250 hp

Machinery Pete: Age Analysis Based on Brand

How does age affect used farm equipment values? Great question — and one I’ve been documenting for 30 years exactly, as it was November 1989 when I began compiling auction data. It seems like
Machinery Journal - November 2019

Machinery Journal - November 2019

New Firestone Ag Tires Feature Improved Tread Wear and Traction Firestone Maxi Traction tires, available in 15 sizes, offer improved tread wear, traction in a variety of soil conditions and targeted
How Much Speed Do You Really Need?

Check Out Your High-Speed Internet Options

High-speed internet service in the U.S. is a classic case of the haves and the have nots. In heavily populated states and metropolitan areas, people have access to 4G or 5G technology. But that’s not
Aquaponics help sustain a farm legacy

A ‘Fishy’ Way to Keep Family On The Farm

As he tossed freeze-dried crickets into a pool of eager blue gill, Andrew Mueth explained this was how he and his five brothers could farm together and preserve the 160-year-old family legacy. The
Brazil Burning

Brazil Burning

Nighttime satellite images from above South America are dotted in orange, each revealing a fire burning across the countryside. From Jan. 1 to Oct. 1, nearly 149,000 fires burned in Brazil, according
Bob Recker

Corn Maverick: Cracking the Code of 60" Rows

When Bob Recker turned off every other row on his no-till planter, doubled the plant population and punched seed into Iowa soil, he crossed into the uncharted territory of 60" row corn. Recker was
Hands and soil

Conservation Ag’s Next Chapter

Building consumers’ trust in food begins with empowering farmers, and that’s where America’s Conservation Ag Movement comes in. As one of the largest and most sustainability focused, public-private
Policy Journal

Policy Journal - November 2019

Will USMCA Become Ensnarled in Impeachment Fight? The 116th Congress has crept at a snail’s pace, enacting only 65 new laws over a span of nine months. That slow trickle is threatened to be choked off

Rental Agreement Best Practices

Aim to improve the details of your farmland rental contract. A comprehensive agreement can demonstrate to your landlords you are committed to sustainable farming practices, says Corbett Kull, co
What's Causing Higher Soybean Yields

What’s Causing Higher Soybean Yields

There’s something good happening in soybean fields across the U.S. Since 2013, average soybean yields have exceeded the trend line, with an average above-trend yield of 3.7 bu. per acre, according to
Chip Flory

Chip Flory: Purpose-Driven Goal Setting

Goals are set every day. Most are short-term and don’t deserve the time or the effort of being a long-term focus. A short-term goal might be to clean a sprayer by noon. Longer-term goals range from
Farm Journal's Crop Tech

Crop Tech - November 2019

Rumors Swirl, But Bayer Is Committed To Roundup As president of the Crop Science division of Bayer, Liam Condon says litigation and threats of litigation that swirled around the company’s acquisition
Short Stature, High Expectations

Short Stature, High Expectations

Tiny is a trend. Tiny houses, smaller gadgets and minimalist styles. One area you might not have considered? Corn. Bayer says the future will be shorter corn, produced at higher volumes on the same
AgTech Expo Promo

Pick Your Path at AgTech Expo

With 30 breakout sessions, Farm Journal AgTech Expo provides an opportunity to elevate technology decisions with personalized educational sessions. There are four groups of sessions: precision ag
Iowa State University Enviratron lab

The Link Between Weather Extremes and Plants

On the outskirts of Ames, Iowa, sits an ordinary metal building; however, what’s going on inside is anything but ordinary. “In the Enviratron, we can grow plants under multiple growth conditions in a
China - Land area

The 800-lb. Gorilla

For more than a year, U.S. farmers have had a front-row seat to the largest trade war in history. What will the future hold? Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University Extension economist, says farmers
Dicamba soybeans

Dicamba Complaints Have Long-Tailed Implications

Farmers have been using dicamba over-the-top of soybeans and cotton since 2017. The herbicide is approved through 2020, and this year and next year will weigh heavily on the herbicide’s future. “The
Eye-catching land sales - November 2019

Eye-Catching Land Sales

Farmland values continue to have support behind them, even as farmers face decreasing working capital and trade uncertainties. Here are a handful of recent farmland sales that show the variability in
Rhoda Rein & Darren Miller

The Curious Case of An Agriculture Loan Denied

Rhoda Rein was stunned by the bank’s decision: agriculture loan denied. The 25-year U.S. Bank customer, anticipating approval on a $27,000 operating loan, listened in disbelief as a bank
Joel Layman

Transition to Organic Sustains Farm’s Future

As a student of the 1980s, Joel Layman never thought he’d have the opportunity to farm. His parents encouraged him to attend Michigan State University where he earned a degree in agriscience. During

Plan Now to Manage Low-Quality Corn

In many areas, farmers are harvesting a wetter corn crop with lower test weights. Do you have the drying capacity to manage this grain? Does your local elevator? “This year reminds me of 2009,” says
Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson: Duct Tape Do’s and Don’ts

I’ve seen some amazing temporary repairs done with duct tape. I’ve also seen some ”What were they thinking ... ?” repairs that reeked of desperation and lacked common sense. Here are some uses of duct
What A Day: Torched Tractor

Tailgate Talk - November 2019

What A Day: Torched Tractor While disking corn stalks, a South Dakota farmer smelled smoke. The cause of the fire remains a mystery, and the tractor saw its last trip through the field. If you’ve had