Editor's Notebook: Short Crop, Long Tail

Mother Nature has plenty of time to send a variety of weather conditions our way between now and fall. Still, we face what’s likely to be a harvest of wet, low-test-weight corn in many parts of the
2019 MFP Payment Rates

Trade Aid 2.0

After months of uncertainty and murky details, USDA announced payments for the 2019 Market Facilitation Program (MFP) in late July. The per-acre payments will vary by county and range from $15 to $150

6 Tips for a Successful Fall

In Mark Maple’s neck of the woods in north-central Indiana, the crops are all over the board. “Where the corn’s good, it’s good, but we have drown outs, replanted areas and places we couldn’t plant
Grain dryer and bins

Get Ready for Wet Grain, Don’t Resist Drying

Because the harvest window will likely be tight this fall, consider combining your crop at higher moisture contents to ensure you salvage as many bushels as possible. “I know it will be wetter, but
Grain bins and dryer

Fill Propane Tanks Early

Projections for a late, wet harvest mean you need to secure propane needs sooner rather than later. “We typically see an increase in propane demand due to harvest and then months later due to winter
FJF-AgThrough The Voice of the Farmer

Farmers Get a Voice on the National Mall

More than 200 leaders representing USDA, EPA, conservation organizations, agribusinesses and food companies gathered in Washington, D.C., on July 26 to celebrate a shared interest in helping farmers

H-2A Changes Could Fill Gap

An average of 900,000 full-time jobs are available annually on U.S. crop farms, according to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), with many of those going unfilled. A Department of Labor proposed rule
Shrimp Makes Cents In The Heartland

Shrimp Makes Cents In The Heartland

Seven hundred miles from home, Grover Webb slid seven coolers of precious cargo into a Dodge Caravan and hit Texas pavement on I-30, settling in for an 11-hour drive northeast to the familiar comforts
Family Meeting

Begin Legacy Planning Before It’s Too Late

Without a doubt, farmers are under a considerable amount of pressure. Every season your time is pulled in competing directions, but are you taking time for one of the most important aspects of your

Study Soybean Growth To Build Up Yield

From the coffee shop to the elevator, the talk these days is about high soybean yields. And for good reason: “We are seeing higher yields in fields where we have never seen them before,” says Farm
Recent Hot Auction Prices on Track Tractors

Machinery Pete: Heads Turn for Tracks

Two forces drove used track tractor values higher in July 2019. Mother Nature Harvest 2018 followed by a similarly nightmarish late and wet planting season in 2019 prompted more folks to shop for
$100 Ideas - September 2019

$100 Ideas - September 2019

Blade Keeps Debris Out of Rims The low-profile rim on my track tractor was always full of trash, dirt or water. This caused the paint to wear off as the wheels were spinning. So I laser cut a flat
Kubota Unveils Big, Bold M8 Tractor Series

Machinery Journal - September 2019

Move over and make some room, large horsepower tractors. You’ve got new company, and it’s orange — the M8 Series from Kubota. “It will be the perfect tractor for a 16-row planter, a 1,000-bu. grain
2020 Silverados function dictates form

2020 Silverados Function Dictates Form

The 2020 Silverado 2500 and 3500 models feature numerous changes from the inside out. Some might not be quite so obvious such as a new 28" radiator fan for better cooling, upgraded rear differentials

Chip Flory: How to Guarantee a Win-Win

I’m tired of hearing “how different” 2019 is from any other year. But, just because I’m tired of hearing about it doesn’t make it less different. I’ve also asked a lot of questions this year and heard
Semi load of hay caught fire, Mexico, MO 1

Tailgate Talk - September 2019

What A Day: Up In Flames The driver of a tractor-trailer hauling straw pulled into the Walmart parking lot after hearing a “pop.” Find out what happened next at AgWeb.com/parking-lot-fire. If you’ve

Learn from Disasters

Settling insurance claims can be daunting. Do you remember all your tools, appliances and electronics? “While these are usually small dollar assets, their total value can be substantial,” explain
The Ins and Outs of 1031s

The Ins and Outs of 1031s

Planning to trade up or out some farmland this year? Consider doing a Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges (also known as like-kind exchanges). This strategy allows you to exchange an owned piece of
Farm Journal's Crop Tech

Crop Tech - September 2019

Bayer Pulls NemaStrike Due to Skin Irritation Bayer will not sell NemaStrike seed treatment for the 2020 season. This isn’t the first time the product has been canceled over safety concerns as it was
Hemp illustration

The 5 Myths of Hemp Growth

As the Green Rush buds in agriculture, it’s critical to know the truth about the opportunities and risks around hemp. Here’s a quick look at facts behind the fiction. Myth 1: Hemp will grow itself.
Farm Journal's Tech Journal

Tech Journal - September 2019

Successful Applications Made Via Drone Ag tech startup Rantizo is working to lead in-field applications via drone. In Iowa, it’s the first company to receive Federal Aviation Administration approval
United States versus China

Farmers Exposed by U.S.–China Long Game

The U.S. is likely at the beginning of a very long economic competition with China — a nation that has proven wealth doesn’t make a government adhere to international norms. What might the world look

A Surprising Way To Add 10% To Corn Yields

Too much rain has been a common refrain for farmers this year. Still, corn needs late-season moisture to fill ears with big golden kernels. “When the starch line is one half of the way down the kernel
Archie Griffin

Bring Global Perspectives Home

Archie Griffin’s passport book would be the envy of any jet-setter. In the past two years, he’s visited farms in 14 countries — all with the goal of bringing new ideas to his Washington, N.C., tobacco