Farm Journal Issues

The Changing Landscape Of Agriculture

Your farm is at a critical crossroad. Demands from consumers, the government and supply chain are zeroing in on how you nurture your operation’s crops and livestock.

Consumers Demand Sustainability

A two-headed consumer strolls today’s grocery stores, confusing producers and retailers. One day a consumer searches for local and organic products.

Stewardship Champion: NRCS Chief Matt Lohr

This spring as farmers in the Mississippi Delta reeled from severe rains, Matt Lohr, chief of USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) spent time listening to their stories face to face

In Celebration of Food and Those Who Grow It

On July 26, 2019, in the shadow of concrete and steel at the heart our nation’s capital, more than 200 leaders representing USDA, EPA, conservation organizations, agribusinesses and food companies

How to Have Conservation Conversations

Farmers want to reduce nutrient runoff, nurture soil and protect water, but there’s a giant rock in the stream of communication between tenants and their non-operator landowners.

Dollars and Drops

“It’s the chicken or the egg. Money drives conservation on my farm, or maybe conservation drives money,” says producer Tommy Young.

Focus on Water Quality

Seven years ago, the team at RCR Partnership sharpened its focus on water quality with cover crops, variable-rate fertilizer and nutrient stewardship.

Road Map for Animal Well-Being

Consumers continue to crave more information about how their food is produced. As such, livestock production practices can be caught in the spotlight.

New Paths To Farm Profitability

On the southern Great Plains, a dozen farmers and ranchers collectively are working 50,000 acres to resolve a question 30 years in the making: How can stewardship of soil, water, air and livestock