Farm Journal Issues

Clinton Griffiths: Search for Optimism

There is no doubt 2019 was rough. The 20 million acres of prevent plant, trade wars, low prices and challenging weather all created heaping piles of stress.

John Phipps: The Golden Age of Waiting [Is Over]

I’ve done some waiting in my life. I’ve waited days to see the sun in winter. I waited approximately 112 years after my 15th birthday for the day I turned 16 and could get my driver’s license.

$100 Ideas - March 2020

$200 Double Your Money Winner: Cradle for Log Splitter

To keep logs from falling off my three-point splitter, I built a sliding cradle using two 3/8"-thick steel plates c

Machinery Journal - March 2020

Great Plains Offers New Line of Drills

The Great Plains box drill legacy continues with a new line of minimum-till folding box drills.

Crop Insurance Pointers for 2020

Take some risk off the table in 2020 by being proactive with your crop insurance decisions.  Follow these steps to provide peace of mind and profit protection. 

Planters Versus Tractors

Large folding planters can be hydraulic hogs. Every set of hoses between a tractor and planter might require from 2 gal. to 16 gal.

Key Ag Stats for 2020

After several tough years, macro forces point to some reasons for optimism for U.S. farmers.

Tailgate Talk - March 2020

What A Day: Mud, Snow and Headaches

In one afternoon, a central Missouri farmer got stuck three times trying to fix the mess from the 2019 flood along the Missouri River.

Peter Martin: Be Data Smart

Wanted: Data manager to gather all on- and off-farm data, organize it, interpret it and leverage it to make the farm better.  

Meet The Hawaiian Corn Farmer

Bob Starke spent his high school years working on farms in northwest Missouri. Today he is still “on the farm,” but his fields are far from home. 

How to Manage Weeds in 2020

Its roots dug deep into the soil, its leaves stretched for sunlight to a 9’ stature and it produced hundreds of thousands of offspring in a single season — last year’s waterhemp will still wreak ha