Farm Journal Issues

Ag Tech Hits the Consumer Electronics Show Floor

Amid the acres of drones, gadgets, games and self-driving cars at the Consumer Electronics Show, a few farming-focused technologies garnered attention in the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center.

John Phipps: Let There Be Dark

When I was a child, someone sold a lot of nightlights to rural America, a fact which becomes obvious flying over the Midwest during the winter.

Control Weeds in Early-Planted Soybeans

Planting soybeans early, so they begin to flower before the summer solstice, can boost yield. But changing the plants’ growing pattern requires modifying weed control practices.

4 Critical Safety Steps

If an accident happens to a family member or farmhand, could you – under pressure and in cohesive words – relay the exact location to an emergency responder?

Machinery Journal - February 2020

AGCO Creates All-New Planter Design Built for Curves

With a completely new toolbar concept and packed with Precision Planting technology, AGCO has unveiled its first Fend

Soil Conservation Is A Marathon

America’s Conservation Ag Movement is a broad national effort to help farmers, ranchers and growers continue their journey to conserve our shared natural resources and promote sustainable food

The Buzz About Outcome-Based Pricing

Imagine taking the risk out of buying inputs — especially risk associated with trying an unfamiliar product. Would it make you willing to try non-familiar products or practices?