Farm Journal Issues

Feed Your Yield Engine

What really makes yield per acre? It’s not plant population — that’s merely one component.

6 Post-Pandemic Food Predictions

Building trust in food begins with empowering farmers through one of the largest and most diverse conservation- and sustainability-focused public-private partnerships in our nation’s history: A

A Heads-Up Harvest

Can you believe harvest is just around the corner? Now is the time to make sure your fields, your equipment and your team are ready to roll.

Biggest Threat to Farming?

Crises such as COVID-19 tend to not introduce new trends into an industry. More often, they accelerate existing trends.

Preparation and Communication

The annual process of negotiating cash rents is unnerving, complex and difficult, but you can overcome the noise and approach the process like a pro with strategic focus.

Play The Long Game With Stored Grain

You’re familiar with routine maintenance on grain bins — tasks that take about 30 minutes and commonly find their way onto your to-do list. But are you on the lookout for other major problems?

Crop Tech - September 2020

Threat ID Diagnoses Field Problems with a Phone

With a smartphone, farmers can identify pest, disease and crop deficiencies using a new mobile tool from Pioneer.

6 Seed Buying Strategies

Buying seed is all about balance. You need to weigh new options with proven products and be prudent versus cheap.

Andrew McCrea: Walt’s Farming Roots

Walt Disney brought us characters, movies and theme parks that have far outlived him. The origin of those imaginative creations might just be one small farm in northern Missouri.

Machinery Journal - September 2020

New Combines, Headers from John Deere

John Deere is expanding its 2021 harvesting lineup with the X9 1000 and X9 1100 combines and new headers.

$100 Ideas - September 2020

Shop Vacuum Cart

It is not easy to drag the shop vacuum over uneven terrain. To solve this, I took a retired golf bag cart and adjusted it to carry the vacuum.

Play Grain Marketing Offense

Today’s commodity-marketing environment is intense and complex. With record-level corn and soybean production and a global pandemic at play this year, your marketing decisions are even tougher.

Chip Flory: Understand the USDA Process

Understanding “the process” used by USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service (NASS) to assemble survey-based estimates makes a big difference in your risk management plan and your expectations.