Farm Journal: Early Spring 2018

Magazine Features


  • Chip Flory: We Can't Crush Enough

    Trends change. Some take longer than others, but they do eventually change. In the Feb. 8 World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates  (WASDE) report, USDA changed a trend. The department has underestimated global soybean demand in recent years, causing analysts to progressively increase estimated U.S. exports in the winter. That trend not only ended but reversed in February.

  • Machinery Pete: 7 Top Planter Trends

    So, Pete, what’s going on in the used planter market? It’s difficult to sum up the category into a generalized statement, so let’s break it down:

  • John Phipps: Updating the Old Resume

    More than a few farmers are looking under couch cushions for extra cash. Meanwhile, more than a few lenders and accountants are casually including job website links in emails to farm customers. Call me paranormal, but these seem like hints it might be time for me to Get A Job.

  • Rhonda Brooks: Put the Markets to Work For You

    Farmers routinely tell Farm Journal Economist Chip Flory they take a conservative approach to marketing. But in reality, he says they’re doing just the opposite.