Farm Journal: February 2018

Magazine Features


  • Machinery Pete: Appreciate a Tractor's Age

    What happened with used farm equipment values in 2017?

  • Dan Anderson: Tips for Better Beads

    Anybody can melt metal with a welder, but not everybody can weld. With that in mind, here are several simple tips so the next time you melt metal, the result is a strong, reliable weld.

  • Chip Flory: How Options "Work"

    Let’s get away from the fundamentals of the grains and talk the nuts and bolts of options. No ... don’t run screaming and turn the page! This is painless and it might even help seasoned marketers understand more about options. Let’s start with a basic description of call and put options.

  • John Dillard: Policy and Law in Play in 2018
  • Steve Cubbage: Is Your Farm Working Toward Digitizing Data?

    Farmers are used to wearing many hats. Throughout a typical day, week, month or year they might assume the role of biologist, economist, heavy-equipment operator, systems engineer and other titles all part of “simply being a farmer.”

  • Peter Martin: Where Ag Outperforms Its Peers

    One area of agriculture has consistently been outperforming its peers for years, despite the challenges faced by the industry. That area: agricultural banks.

  • John Phipps: Trapped in a Molar Vortex

    It was an underground movement. Maybe not subversive, but it was sure subterranean. In a few months we went from a manicured lawn with the occasional molehill heaped up as a curiosity, to a battlefield worthy of the Western Front. Piles of fine dirt appeared overnight. Sod gave way as underground tunnels twisted ankles and wilted flowers. The unseen enemy was clearly dug in for the long haul. It was the dreaded molar vortex.

  • Rhonda Brooks: Formalize Your Plan, Start Now

    About 40 years ago my grandmother left the family farm and moved to town. It was an easy, happy transition. She bought a comfortable home across the street from her church, and she loved being able to walk back and forth between the two, visiting friends, singing in the choir and attending all the church doings.