Farm Journal: June 2018

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  • Steve Cubbage: Tech Troubles? Who Are You Going to Call?

    Even though I wasn’t there in person it was an amazing sight to “watch.” Thanks to real-time telematics I was able to remotely observe a planter break the seeding speed limit—the pinnacle of precision agriculture technology in action.

  • Chip Flory: Corn Has That "Lift"

    There is fundamental support for a long-term, slow grind to the upside for corn. The May Supply & Demand Report from USDA featured a year-to-year 500-million-bushel cut to projected U.S. carryover. USDA also projected global corn consumption in 2018/19 will outpace global production by about 36 million metric tons, resulting in a slashing of global corn ending stocks. The domestic and global balance sheets for corn should keep “lift” in the market to attract more acres in 2019.

  • Machinery Pete: High Tech, High Demand

    In this tough ag economy, farmers continue to hunt for operational efficiency gains. I’ve seen this play out in the used farm equipment market the past couple of years. Even though it might be painful to the pocketbook, farmers are willing, able and eager to invest in used equipment that enables them to better control input costs while maximizing yields.

  • Rhonda Brooks: Iron Sharpens Iron

    Rhonda Brooks: Iron Sharpens Iron

Test Plots

  • Top 2 Questions About N Plans

    The ROI of nitrogen (N) is significant—an extra 20 lb. costs less than 2 bu. of corn. That doesn’t mean you throw on some extra N and hope for the best.