Farm Journal: December 2009

Magazine Features

  • More Gallons From Corn
    Seed industry seeks higher ethanol yields per acre
  • $100 Ideas
    Gates That Last, Keep Feed High and Dry, Fifth Wheels Makes Room For Third Shuttle
  • Fungicide Fundamentals
    Know how soy rust tools work to use them properly

Web Extra


  • Back to the Farm
    Succession planning is a multigenerational puzzle.
  • Keep Life In Balance
    My husband and I have been married for more than 12 years. Together we have one son, one mother- in-law, 25 milk cows, five greenhouses and eight acres of vegetables.
  • A Guide to the Wife's Vehicle
    What should a mechanically inclined farmer be able to do on modern vehicles?
  • Machinery Doc: Sprayer Strategy
    A new or improved sprayer hasn't been in my capital purchase plans; I'm counting on my old pull type to get me through another season.
  • Helpline: Worried About Being Worried
    What should we do handle these good times?
  • Prepare to Embrace the Bear
    The corn ranking is at 8 and should be at 10 by the middle of June if we hit the gas on this corn market.
  • Are Too. Are Not.
    I want to talk to all you married folks out there for a minute.
  • Don't Put It Off
    The decision to plan is smart business. For a farmer, planning for succession is a clear statement that the long-term success of the family operation is important.

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