Farm Journal: November 2008

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  • Master Nitrogen Efficiency
    Use these online tools and information to help maximize your nitrogen.
  • Field Notes: Tillage Spreadsheet
    Use the following Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, courtesy of Ken Rulon, to plug in your costs to compare conventional tillage and no-till.
  • Get Stable
    Remember the days when you applied additional units of nitrogen to account for leaching or denitrification? No longer—higher natural gas prices mean you need to hang on to every drop of nitrogen and its smart environmental stewardship.
  • Manure Value Spreadsheet
    Use the "What is Manure Worth?" a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, to determine the viability of using manure as fertilizer on your farm.
  • More Info to Help You Navigate to High Soybean Yields
  • Ready for Anything
    Find out what, in addition to parts, tires and an air compressor, the Henggelers carry in their shop on wheels.


  • The Legacy Survey
    What do you need to write your success story, and how can we help? This is the purpose and the promise of the Farm Journal Legacy Project.

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