Farm Journal: Mid-November 2009

Magazine Features

  • Reports From Farmers
    AgWeb Crop Comments span all of farm country
  • Tech Journal
    Data Hitchhikes on Hay Bales, Straight Out of the Box, Another Signal from the Stars
  • Tailgate Talk, AgConnect Expo, 2009 crop insurance enrollment
    Visit us in Orlando during AgConnect Expo, What A Day: Uphill Battles; Stat Rack: Acre enrollment numbers for 2009
  • The Dirt on Worms
    Surprise! Our worm friends can also be exotic invaders.
  • One Billion Hungry
    Agriculture needs technology to meet food shortage.
  • Up Instead of Down
    Grain price crash could boost cotton acreage a bit.
  • Biofuels Update
    Biofuels Develop a Taste for Sugar Beets, More Ethanol Hurts Water
  • $100 Ideas
    Air Hose Organizer, Keep Gates Open on Windy Days, Three-Point Post Puller
  • Machinery Journal
    Art's Way portable grain augers, AGCO Sunflower 7600 series strip-till, Titan III Fertilizer Tank, Yamaha ATVs
  • Production Journal
    Despite the availability of additional time to analyze the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program for 2009, preliminary sign-up results show that less than 8% of farms are enrolled in the program, according to USDA's Farm Service Agency.
  • Crop Tech
    There's finally a herbicide name that actually fits its use. Prequel, a new DuPont herbicide for corn, jump-starts the growing season. Containing the active ingredients rimsulfuron and isoxa-flutole, it's been tested as a burndown and a residual grass and broadleaf herbicide applied pre-emergence in front of conventional and herbicide-tolerant corn hybrids.
  • Policy Journal
    Ag interests were not uniformly pleased with the House version of climate-change legislation—and the initial offering from the Senate (S. 1733) didn't help matters much.

Web Extra


  • How to Know When It's Time
    Your questions about succession answered
  • The Other Blue Meat
    As American taste buds grow more adventurous, innovative producers are responding to the demand for new and unusual, even unwholesome, products to satisfy this craving.
  • Feeling the Wet Fall
    The extremely wet September and October has led to one of the slowest grain harvests on record.
  • What This Fall Means to Spring
    On the way into town this morning, my youngest, Elizabeth, proclaimed that the ruts cut in a newly harvested field we were driving by would be great in a game of hide-and-seek.

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