Farm Journal: Late Spring 2010

Magazine Features

  • $100 Ideas
    Mower Hitch, Water Tank Shutoff Valve, Light Stand
  • Machinery Journal
    JCB Fastrac 7270 Tractor, GMD 4050 TL trailed disk mower, Unverferth 19' tubular-style conveyor, Precision Planting CleanSweep
  • Technology Journal
    Satshot has expanded its lineup of aerial imagery. Satshot 3D has all the same features—and more—of the Map Center and provides a three-dimensional perspective of a field from the Satshot background imagery combined with a worldwide elevation map.
  • Policy Journal
    When it comes to health insurance and health care in general, farmers have few options. As a result, health care is one of the most costly items in their business operation.
  • Production Journal
    The release of USDA's county-level cash rent data in early April may have raised more questions than it answered.
  • Tech Auction
    First-of-its-kind auction provides outlet for used precision ag equipment
  • Super-Efficient Ford
    A firsthand look at the new truck headed to dealers
  • The Latest Crop Trends
    Highlights from the 2010 Commodity Classic
  • Water Roulette
    Snake Valley ranchers in a 21-year fight with Las Vegas
  • Tailgate Talk, Brooks joins staff, AgWeb poll, Farm Journal Legacy Project resources
    Rhonda Brooks joins staff, results from AgWeb poll, Stat Rack: Farm Journal Legacy Project resources; What A Day: tractor on fire for tillage
  • Quest for Success
    Farm Journal Media project helps producers take their operations to the next level for sustainability, higher profits
  • Personality Plus
    Revealing managerial styles helps a family work together


  • He Wants to Come Home
    My son wants to come home. He left for school 12 years ago, married his college sweetheart and started a career in pharmaceuticals. I’m sure he wants to farm, but I’m not certain he’s committed enough.
  • Housework for Farmers: Laundry
    Today we illuminate the mysterious subject of where clean clothes come from.
  • Set Target Price on Costs
    My recent work with producers has reconfirmed my conviction that knowing the numbers is essential to good marketing.
  • Editor's Notebook: You Ask And We Strive to Deliver
    We clearly touched a nerve when we introduced our popular Farm Journal Corn College two summers ago.

Corn College

Test Plots

Corn Navigator

  • Eight Ways to Beat Disease
    High volumes of crop residue, in which disease organisms overwinter, make disease management essential in 2010