Farm Journal: February 2011

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  • High-Yield Wheat: Build Yields from the Seed Up
    When your goal is to maximize wheat yields, paying attention to the details at planting and good management throughout the season builds the yield to its full potential.
  • John's World: I Used to Be Somebody
    I have become invisible in my own community. My disappearance is below the radar of ordinary life, but remarkably effective—and all I did was change my vehicle.
  • Outlook: Eyes Are on Agriculture as Prices Increase
    We’re only a month into the new year and the grain market has already experienced significant price rallies to levels that are getting the attention of political leaders worldwide. The question that I suspect is on the mind of many is, “How high is high?” Well, it depends on your assumptions.

I Built the Best

  • Winners' Circle
    The creative spark burns bright on America’s farms, as evidenced by Farm Journal’s long-running “I Built the Best” contest. On Bruce Bishop’s farm near McComb, Ohio, the spark doesn’t merely burn—it blazes. For the second straight year, Bishop topped the planters category of the contest, with a 60'15" soybean planter that needs no carrying wheels. Even more remarkable, Bishop’s victory marks his ninth category win.

Test Plots

  • Use Lessons Learned
    Farm Journal Test Plots build on knowledge of timing and placement to dig deeper with starter formulations.

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