Farm Journal: March 2011

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  • Leave a Legacy: Family Employment Policy
    A family employment policy spells out the criteria for hiring and employing siblings, children, in-laws and other relatives. It helps everyone involved to maintain a businesslike environment in the operation and enables management to base hiring decisions on a written plan instead of an emotional impulse.
  • Outlook: Complex Markets Offer Potential for Strong Profits
    As we move into springtime, the fundamental factors that will dominate the markets are twofold: demand and planting intentions.
  • In the Shop: Metalworking Fantasies
    The majority of farm shops still cut metal with hacksaws, weld with “buzz box” welders and shape angle iron with a big hammer. For those interested in upgrading, here’s a quick rundown of metalworking options and considerations.
  • High-Yield Wheat: If You Can Measure It, You Can Manage It!
    Seeking sound agronomy assistance from a certified crop adviser is money well spent. After all, if you don’t compare your varieties to others, how can you be sure you’re planting the best ones?
  • John's World: Finally, Some Recognition
    My promotion to the grain cart was handled with great compassion and delicacy. Looking back, I should have seen it coming.

Corn College

  • Kernels of Knowledge
    Farm Journal introduces Corn College to the South
  • Wheat Wisdom
    Classroom instruction supports more high-yield management practices.
  • Know Your Water
    Water hardness and pH can determine whether a pesticide treatment succeeds or fails.

Soybean Navigator

I Built the Best

  • Roller Lays Stalks Flat
    Crushing tough cornstalks saves wear and tear on implement tires and speeds decomposition.

Test Plots

Corn Navigator

  • Hit the Spot
    Irrigation calibration ensures center pivots apply water evenly and in the right amount.