Farm Journal: Late Spring 2011

Magazine Features

  • From the Ground Up
    Delegation sees Afghan and Iraqi agriculture up close.
  • Heads Up on Aerial Imaging
    NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) mapping provides an in-season snapshot of your crop—and knowing the level of detail provided by the map will determine how you use the tool.
  • Get the Drift
    The number of variables that must be considered for reducing pesticide drift can seem overwhelming. Now, the EPA is raising the stakes with a new Drift Reduction Technology policy that it expects to issue this year.
  • More than Zooming
    Hiring a spray plane for late-season fungicide or insecticide applications reduces the workload on farmers but comes with additional responsibilities.
  • When to Turn Off the Water
    Corn growers can lose as much as 4 bu. per acre per day by ending irrigation too soon.
  • Land Prices Ignite
    The skyrocket ride in corn and soybean prices launched this past fall has had an explosive impact on the value of quality cropland across the Corn Belt.
  • Ready to Retire?
    These days, Roger Dell is more likely to wear a pair of boat shoes than work boots. Last year, the 62-year-old Dell decided it was time to retire.
  • Farm Life on Demand
    Farmers and ranchers across the country use YouTube to show the world what life is like on the farm.
  • Farmers in Lockup
    After experiencing the lockup procedure used by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service to prepare the March 31 "Prospective Plantings" report, three farmers agree that there are no politics at play and security is tight.
  • Sprayer Prep
    Self-propelled sprayers, like any machine coming out of storage, benefit from basic mechanical maintenance.


Corn College

  • 15 Tips for High Soybean Yields
    Much of soybean yield is based on environmental conditions, but there are things you can do to help maximize your yield when those conditions are right.

Test Plots

  • Focus on Fungicides
    Field research conducted in 2010 in the Farm Journal Test Plots by Ken Ferrie and Missy Bauer, Farm Journal Field Agronomists, set out to get a handle on application timing.