Farm Journal: January 2012

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  • Tech Tools in the Field
    The Farm Journal Test Plot team makes it a priority to take the latest technology tools to the field for first-hand experience.

Corn Navigator


  • Aboveground RIB
    The latest product from Monsanto Company is specifically designed for farmers who do not experience corn rootworm pressure in their fields.
  • Soybean Rust Still on the Horizon
    Drought in the southern U.S. stopped the soybean disease from migrating north, but farmers shouldn't be complacent.
  • Supersized Seed
    Intense stress conditions in the 2011 growing season is resulting in some larger than normal seed corn.
  • Cover Crop Insurance Makes a Comeback
    For 2012, crops planted after a cover crop in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan or Ohio are insurable as long as the cover crop is killed on or before June 5.
  • GPS Battle Continues
    The Coalition to Save Our GPS says the deployment of the LightSquared network would cost $245 billion based on its negative impact on GPS uses by the federal government alone.
  • Compatible Console
    Topcon Precision Agriculture announces that its new X30 control console is now compatible with the Norac UC5 spray height control system.
  • Precision Ag Webinars
    Farm Journal recently hosted four Virtual Precision Agriculture events to help make sense of today’s ever-changing technology.
  • Help Stop the Emerald, Tree-Killing Marauder
    The emerald ash borer is being taken seriously by natural resource managers because it has the potential to kill 7.5 billion ash trees throughout North America.
  • A Sweet Transformation of Switchgrass
    California researchers have found a way to triple the amount of starch that is stored in plant stems.
  • $100 Ideas: Go-Anywhere Compressor
    After years of hiring someone to repair pivots, Donald Schmidt decided he could do it himself.
  • Four to Go
    John Deere’s new Gator Mid-Duty XUV 550 and 550 S4 crossover utility vehicles have the ability to seat up to four people.
  • Performance and Comfort
    Two new models complete the MacDon M5 Series windrower lineup.
  • Starter on the Spot
    With several new design features, Schaffert Mfg. introduces the Generation 2 (G2) 2x2 Fertilizer Disc.
  • Tailgate Talk: Heckuva Hay Hauler
    Brent Hajek is at it again. Also read about the record-breaking year farmers had in 2011.